Weekly Wrap 7.27.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 7-27-2018

1. On the Deadline for Reunification, Children and Families March, Sit In at Capitol

In a mad scramble to meet a court-imposed July 26 deadline, the administration reunited about two-thirds of the children they separated from their parents upon entering the country. But 711 remain separated, deemed “ineligible” for various reasons — including that the administration has already deported their parents.

2. There’s an Army of Local Lawyers Itching to Fight Trump Policies

“Only 37 percent of potential deportees are represented—and just 14 percent of those in detention centers, according to the American Immigration Council. ‘It’s not just family separation; there are all kinds of terrible detention stories,’ said Haberfeld. ‘We hope that we’re building a cadre of people who will continue to do the work, even when this particular crisis has passed.’”

3. Voices of the Evangelicals Pushing for a More Moderate Supreme Court Pick

The group wants to “hit pause” on the culture wars and help others understand their beliefs that having a conservative Supreme Court justice will hurt evangelical people of color as well as the pro-life movement.

4. Many Look to Buddhism for Sanctuary from an Over-Connected World

The amount of time people spend on digital devices is soaring — to the point that several countries treat internet addiction as a public health crisis. But some users are turning to ancient religious practices to be more mindful of their time online.

5. Loneliness Is the Common Ground of Terrorism and Extremism

“What is the right way to deal with these lonely extremists? If Arendt is right, then the structural causes of loneliness run deep – often, far too deep for a few personal connections to make a difference.”

6. Inside the Cross-Country Journey to Reunite an Undocumented Mother with Her Three Children

The TIME documentary follows Yeni González, as grassroots activists banned together to get her out of detention in Eloy, Ariz., to her kids in New York City.

7. Pastoring a Purple Evangelical Congregation Amid a Politically Charged Humanitarian Crisis

As the family separation crisis flared, many pulpits remained silent. Some pastors couldn’t.

8. Bring Back Irony

“We are left, then, with a national trend borne from the potent marriage of irony and sincerity, one that is pervading most forms of media. I like to call it ‘Urgent Earnestness,’ or, for short: Urn.”

9. The War on Poverty in the U.S. Isn’t Over, In 4 Charts

Given the complexity of poverty as a civic issue, decision makers should understand the full range of evidence about the circumstances of the poor. This is especially important before undertaking a major change to the social safety net such as broad-based work requirements for those receiving non-cash assistance.

10. This Is Just a New York Times Slideshow of Kids Getting Sunscreen Applied, Much to Their Dismay

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