Weekly Wrap 6.29.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 6.29.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. How We Treat Immigrants Is How We Treat God

“There may be political, economic, and personal reasons for an unwillingness to love immigrants, but according to Jesus, there are no spiritual ones."

2. Hey, White People: Pixar’s Dumpling Short ‘Bao’ Isn’t About You

A uniquely Chinese immigrant story has left white, Western moviegoers baffled.

3. The Neuroscience of Pain

Brain imaging is illuminating the neural patterns behind pain’s infinite variety

4. The Tumbler Bloggers Building a Canon of Asexual History

Academics have long ignored the history of asexuality, so online communities are stepping in.

5. The Court’s Ruling on Trump’s Travel Ban Is Legally Endorsed Religious Discrimination

President Trump’s travel ban is not about security; it’s about ideology.

6. 40 Ways White People Say ‘White People’ Without Actually Saying ‘White People’

1. Americans

7. Is There Justice for Rikers’ Inmates Who Accuse Guards of Rape?

What happens when the ‘bad guys’ are the ones supposed to protect you?

8. India, DRC, U.S. Among Most Dangerous Countries for Women: Poll

The organization surveyed nearly 550 experts focused on women's issues, asking them to rank countries based on a number of key issues, including access to healthcare, prevalence of sexual abuse and discrimination.

9. Deported Into a Nightmare

Most Central American migrant children get deported before they even reach the U.S. One story shows what can await them when they get back to the countries they fled.

10. Demand Child Justice, Everywhere

If we are to deepen and sustain our current public outcry regarding the children at our border, we must also deepen our understanding of American policies that support violence against children beyond our borders and include them in the conversation.