Weekly Wrap 2.23.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 2-23-2018

1. Here’s What It’s Like at the Headquarters of the Teens Working to Stop Mass Shootings

“Whitney told BuzzFeed News that ‘[she] wouldn’t like to return to school until the federal government starts making some progress.’ Other student organizers have said the same thing. When asked how her parents might feel about this, Whitney responded, ‘I haven’t really discussed this with my parents, but I’ll deal with them.’”

2. Our Children Will Lead the Way

Social and policy change often come from movements of young people. What can the church do to undergird the efforts of this generation’s movement against guns?

3. Is There a Smarter Way to Think About Sexual Assault on Campus?

Two researchers at Columbia University think about sexual assault socio-ecologically: as a matter of how people act within a particular environment. They are doggedly optimistic that there is, if not a single fix, a series of new solutions.

4. How We Deny the Poor Their Humanity

Donald Trump Jr. commented on the poor people he encountered in India, praising them for smiling despite their circumstances. Here’s how such simplistic characterizations rob entire swaths of people of their humanity.

5. The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM

A new study seeks to explain the paradox that countries with higher gender inequality see higher rates of women graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math.

6. Their Prayers Are Not Our Prayers

Thoughts and prayers are not the problem, but a lack of action that follows is.

7. The Boys Are Not All Right

Comedian and social commentator Michael Ian Black writes for the New York Times about the lack of conversations and cultural movement behind defining healthy masculinity for boys.

8. Religion Writing in the Time of Trump

“The question hinges on how these stories are written and what purpose they serve. When religion writers don’t get this right, they run the risk of reversing the empathy that white people of faith might feel for persons and communities of color. By allowing white Catholic Trump-supporting interviewees to be the sole and explicit recipients of the reader’s empathy, these writers fail to create room for those who suffer as a result of the interviewees' views or actions.”

9. What to Read When They Yell ‘Go Home!’

A forthcoming book features a collection of writings on “home” from Asian diasporic writers. Here’s a rundown of those authors’ other works.

10. An Artist’s Searing Parody of Restoration Hardware Highlights the Racial Implications of Luxury Design

“'Reparation Hardware’ is not simply a parody, skit, or sketch that literalizes the issue of reparations to make a point about capitalism. It seeks to highlight a major dilemma of the black American existence — that we have in fact made something of nothing in a society that perpetually would like to reduce us to mere objects — as a failure of the American dream.”

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