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Smiling in Triumph Despite Decay

A dental x-ray. Photo: Opreanu Roberto Sorin / Alamy

Several days ago, I spent more than I would have liked on a dental procedure that involved removing decay from one of my molars, doing a lot of horrible-sounding drilling and scraping, then saving the delicate bits that remained by capping it with a fake tooth. My dentist insisted this was called a “crown,” but I know a euphemism when I see one.

Or so I thought: By the end, my mouth was numb and I couldn’t tell the difference between my real teeth and this plastic imposter. I smiled in the mirror; my mouth was full of secrets.

I thought about this molar when I read Cornel West’s recent interview with The New Yorker. In it, West describes the “spiritual decay” in our culture: profit-maximizing commodification; widespread reluctance to risk careers to speak a prophetic word; collective failure to hold those at the top accountable.

Despite this, West sees bits worth saving: “Certain kinds of democratic processes are precious and fragile. That’s why we try to hold on to them,” West tells interviewer Vinson Cunningham. “We fight anyway, because it’s right and because it’s just. And we just get crushed when we get crushed, but we get crushed with a smile … because there’s a triumph in your spirit.” Normally, I’d be mad about someone telling me to smile, but from Cornel West, I’ll take it.

Here are 10 stories helping us reclaim triumph amid decay.

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4. Cornel West Sees a Spiritual Decay in the Culture
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8. After 20 Years at Guantanamo, Mohammad Ahmad Al-qahtani Transferred Out of Detention Facility Back to Saudi Arabia
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9. How Do You Memorialize One Million U.S. Pandemic Deaths?
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10. Selected Negative Teaching Evaluations of Jesus Christ
“Very inconvenient class! Always holds lectures on top of mountains, in middle of the Sea of Galilee—but never close to the main campus.” By Amanda Lehr via McSweeney’s.