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Game, Set, Match: What Our Editors Are Reading

Watch out, ESPN; Sojourners is slowly becoming a sports outlet. OK, maybe that isn’t quite the case, but we do have lots of staff who love sports, especially among the web editors. I spent a solid chunk of this week talking about the NBA Playoffs with assistant opinion editor Josiah R. Daniels and associate web editor Jenna Barnett.

Honestly, it's been a pleasant surprise. I am no stranger to the ways that sports can be derided in faith and justice circles. I was once told that I couldn't work in football as a Christian (because the NFL plays on Sunday), and I understand why people get angry that athletes make millions while others barely get by. But I contend that sports and competition still offer valuable insights into what it means to be human.

Naomi Osaka and Dan Pfeiffer caused us to think about how our attention can be directed in healthy or unhealthy manners. San Antonians challenged ESPN to better their journalism, a challenge I've been considering in my own contexts as Sojourners' assistant news editor. This week is not the first time sports has impacted my outlook, and I'm sure it won't be the last. We can both critique what makes sports in this country dangerous while also learning what it can teach us. 

1. As a Former NFL Player, I Support Naomi Osaka's Decision To Refuse Interviews
The tennis star will pay fines to spare her mental health rather than go along with mandatory media appearances. Let's hope the powers that be listen. By Chris Kluwe via

2. How Journalism Obscures State Violence
If journalists care about the truth, we need to abandon passive language and the myth of 'objectivity.' By Mitchell Atencio via

3. How Libs Can Stop Owning Themselves Online
The Right has mastered trolling as a political communications strategy and Dems have to stop falling for it. By Dan Pfeiffer via

4. Will Support for Palestinians Grow Among U.S. Christians?
As resistance to racism and police violence grows in U.S., some hope more U.S. Christians will oppose Israeli occupation. By Lexi McMenamin via

5. San Antonio Showed up To Remind ESPN the Spurs Big Three Can't Be Disrespected
San Antonio was not about to sit back and let ESPN forget the Spurs again. By Madalyn Mendoza via

6. ‘Just Because Something Is Legal Doesn't Make It Right’
Attorney Benjamin Crump talks with Sojourners about what it will take to reshape policing in the U.S. By Terrance M. McKinley via

7. What If We Weren’t Born That Way?
The immutability of sexual orientation and gender identity has been the cornerstone argument for LGBTQ2S+ rights. The trouble is that not everyone fits that mold. By Heron Greenesmith via

8. Encampments for the Unhoused Are Sacred Structures
Housing reform can create permanent housing while respecting the divine creativity of even temporary homes. By Hannah Bowman via

9. Why Conservatives Really Fear Critical Race Theory
Anti-CRT pushback is an emotional defense against unwanted change, not an intellectual disagreement. By Christine Emba via

10. Our Bodies Remember
I work to liberate this country from its hatred while I feel the loss of George Floyd and so many others. By Danté Stewart via

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