United Nations

Nontando Hadebe 6-19-2008

I will begin with some positive news of growing international pressure on the Zimbabwean government. The United Nations secretary general has demanded an end to the violence and lifting of the ban on food aid. The U.S. secretary of state has called a meeting with African leaders to discuss the situation, and the Botswana government has issued this statement: "Botswana [...]

Debayani Kar 12-01-2005
The U.N. World Summit comes up short.
David Batstone 9-01-2003
We cannot give up the U.N., despite its inadequacies.
Tad Daley 9-01-2003

When desperate victims in distant conflicts plead for help, can America do more than save its own?

Miriam Young 9-01-1999
It's now or never for East Timor.