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A Lenten Prayer for Justice, Mercy, and Humility

by Brian Swarts 03-04-2009
The season of Lent reminds us of the renewal that came through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Micah's Challenge to the Future President

by Brian Swarts 09-26-2008
Yesterday, the United Nations met to discuss our progress toward cutting global poverty in half by 2015. Tonight, the U.S.

A New Way to 'Proclaim Jubilee'

by Brian Swarts 04-07-2008

"Must we starve our children to pay our debts?"
-- Julius Nyerere, former president of Tanzania

This week Congress will vote on the Jubilee Act, the most important debt legislation since 2000. I was an undergraduate theology student when the Jubilee 2000 movement made headlines, and it transformed the way I saw my faith. In [...]