Brian McLaren 10-11-2007

In The New York Times story about the administration's secret
authorization of torture, one sentence is particularly chilling: "With
virtually no experience in interrogations, the CIA had constructed
its program in a few harried months by consulting Egyptian and Saudi
intelligence officials and copying Soviet [...]

Brian McLaren 10-10-2007

I remember about eight years ago when then presidential candidate George W. Bush repeatedly claimed that he would restore honor to the presidency, soiled as it had been by our previous president's infamous affair. I remember hoping he would succeed. But a new kind of shame has come to the office and to our nation as reports surface about our government's secret authorization of torture. We all share [...]

Paul Magno 9-01-2007
The Bush administration's "license to torture."
Eileen Norringtion 8-01-2007

I read with interest Jesse Holcomb's commentary "Tortured Logic" (June 2007) on the television series 24. During its first season, my husband and I were avid watchers, sitting on the edge of

Jesse Holcomb 6-01-2007
Do shows like 24 help make torture acceptable?
Rose Marie Berger 9-01-2006

Stately Action. After much work by its Catholic majority, the Philippines officially banned the death penalty in June, winning the thanks of Pope Benedict XVI.

Glenn Kumekawa 6-01-2006

A Japanese-American internment camp survivor reflects on Guantanamo and the state of the U.S. Constitution.