Orthodox Church

Patricia Zapor 06-03-2014

You may not recognize Robert Lentz's name, but you probably know the work of his hands.

Rose Marie Berger 04-12-2010
In any in-depth conversation about the effectiveness of nonviolence as a strategy, this question always comes up: Would these nonviolent strategies have worked against the Nazis?
Jim Forest 09-11-2008

The recent Georgia-Russia mini-war in and around South Ossetia was definitely not a religious war, but it serves as a reminder that religious identity doesn't even come in third place when issues of national identity are at issue. While the battle raged, the majority of participants -- and casualties -- were Christians on both sides.

In both countries, the Orthodox Church [...]

'How many of you are both pro-life and against the death penalty?'

Jim Forest 01-01-1998
A Few Facts
Jim Forest 01-01-1998
Church and State in Post-Soviet Russia.
Jim Forest 01-01-1998
Orthodox Christianity is rooted in eternity, a balm for today.