The Power of Words

Elizabeth Palmberg (photo by Heather Wilson)

Elizabeth Palmberg, Sojourners’ associate editor, has a personal motto: “Cherish each moment, even the ones that suck.” Elizabeth—or Zab—has been writing with wit and insight for Sojourners since 2001. In October 2013, Zab was diagnosed with the return of her leukemia.

From analyzing fiction and reporting on Indigenous Colombian leaders to filming how to bake bread, Zab has blessed Sojourners with her words. Check out a sample of her work below, and read more about Zab in “Cherish Each Moment — Even the Sucky Ones” (Sojourners, June 2014).


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10 Problems of a Dying Church (and How to Fix Them)

I recently wrote a blog about how to kill a dying church, asking questions about what to do with so many churches dying. I think the challenge is recognizing the signs that a church is dying. The problem is that churches tend to wither, which is a slow, gradual, and often subtle process. It is difficult to pinpoint when in the withering process it is time to take action, to make changes, and to make some vital decisions. While there are many reasons for a church dying, here are some practical observations that I have noticed in my experience. This list is certainly not exhaustive. It is also a list that my congregation has personally had to face, so I give examples of how my congregation has addressed these issues.