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VIDEO: How To Build a Memorial Prayer Altar

From the beginning, God's people have built altars of remembrance in prayer to God. Noah built an altar to the Lord, offering burnt sacrifices of thanksgiving (Genesis 8:20). Abram also built an altar to God after he was given the promise, "To your offspring I will give this land," (Gensis 12:7). Moses built an altar and called it, The Lord is my banner (Exodus 17:15). In each of these instances, physical objects were erected in remembrance of the providence, grace, and mercy of God.

In this how-to video created to accompany an article by Bryan Cones on liturgical worship resources, associate editor Rose Marie Berger teaches me how to create a memorial prayer altar, a tradition she has practiced in her family for years. I don't have too much experience in liturgical worship and so this practice was very new for me, but I really appreciate this important and special prayer practice.

Watch and learn how to create your own prayer altar to remember those who have passed and those still living who bring you to a place of thanksgiving.

Jeannie ChoiJeannie Choi is an assistant editor at Sojourners.