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The Power of Words

Select works by our dear friend and colleague Elizabeth Palmberg

Elizabeth Palmberg, Sojourners’ associate editor, has a personal motto: “Cherish each moment, even the ones that suck.” Elizabeth—or Zab—has been writing with wit and insight for Sojourners since 2001. In October 2013, Zab was diagnosed with the return of her leukemia.

From analyzing fiction and reporting on Indigenous Colombian leaders to filming how to bake bread, Zab has blessed Sojourners with her words. Check out a sample of her work below, and read more about Zab in “Cherish Each Moment — Even the Sucky Ones” (Sojourners, June 2014).


  • Works of Economic Fiction (December 2013)
    A review of James Dobson’s Fatherless and Kurt Bruner’s Childless.
  • Responsible Adults (March 2012)
    Clergy to Village Voice: It's not okay to help the sex traffickers.
  • Standing Up To Death Squads (February 2012)
    Caught in the crossfire of army, guerrilla, and paramilitary forces, women, farmers, and Indigenous leaders in Colombia fight bravely for the right to live.
  • Resurrecting Detroit (June 2012)
    Angela Glover Blackwell believes in Detroit's future, and she has a vision for how to get there. 
  • The Safety Net Frays (July 2011)
    Morally and economically, it's wrong for federal budget makers to go after the poor.
  • Green Your Church (March 2010)
    Greening your church building can mean not only shrinking its carbon footprint, but also hosting educational events and getting active in policy advocacy. 
  • Extended Interview with Efrem Smith (February 2010)
    An interview with the author of The Hip-Hop Church.
  • Teach a Woman to Fish… (June 2005)
    Why women are key to fighting global poverty. 


This appears in the June 2014 issue of Sojourners