Phil Haslanger 10-13-2009
Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code and of Angels and Demons, has a new book out
Jeannie Choi 5-13-2009
Sojourners magazine received many honors at the joint annual conventions of the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) a
Cathleen Falsani 4-09-2009

Walking in botanical gardens one recent, perfect, early spring day, a quick burst of movement in the thicket of a yellow Carolina jasmine hedge caught my eye.

Jonny 5 1-13-2009

When Corporations Rule the World, by David Korten. In 1999, I participated in protests that shut down the WTO meeting in Seattle. In 2008, I read this book and finally understood why!

Elizabeth Palmberg 10-17-2008
Some -- okay, a lot -- of science fiction treats religion, and even spirituality, as pre-rational claptrap or dangerous authoritarianism.
Peter Rollins 10-14-2008
In a world where following Christ is decreed to be a subversive and illegal activity, you have been accused of being a believer, arrested, and dragged before a court.

Gareth Higgins 9-23-2008

The number one film at the U.S. box office this past weekend was Lakeview Terrace, Neil La Bute's somewhat thoughtful thriller in which an LAPD officer harasses his new neighbors; the cop is black, the neighbors are an inter-racial couple. If the ethnic identities were switched, the film might never have been made; and if it had, it would have been a far less interesting film -

Administrator 7-15-2008

[continued from part 1]

I double-checked the sign on the doors nearest me and looked around at the buttons and stickers of the people I was wedging my way through and breathed deeply, relieved to be in the [...]

Administrator 7-14-2008

I am standing in this big line outside of Charles Colson Jr. High waiting for the doors to open. I say "big line" instead of "long line" because it is more mob-ish, more wide than long. Our senior pastor was right. At a staff meeting he told us, "Get there early. I predict unprecedented involvement in [...]