Jonny 5 (Jamie Laurie) lives in in Denver, Colo., and is a lead vocalist with the band Flobots and a member of Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church. Flobots' latest project, “NO ENEMIES”, convenes musicians, organizers, and community members to develop musical tactics for social movements.

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Flobots Singer: Why We're Writing Songs for Today's Protest Movements

by Jonny 5 11-17-2015

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There we were, a group of political musicians, arm in arm, leading the populace. And we didn’t really know what to sing. The irony of the situation stuck with me. The power of our songs had gathered the people. But once the people gathered, where were the songs for that day's movements?

2008 was the year that most people got to know my group Flobots and our music, especially through the national release of Fight With Tools. 2008 was also a historic election year. Eight years later, as we prepare to release our album in 2016, the country is gearing up for another decisive election. And as division grows, some artists are singing out, and some movements are finding their refrains. This timing is significant.

When we look at the movements happening today, we see everyday people seeking to resist violence, racism, and destruction. We see raised voices crying out for transformation. It is critically important that they succeed. 

White Flag Warriors at the Border: Recognizing Humanity on All Sides of the Immigration Debate

by Jonny 5 05-04-2010

About a year ago, when we were writing our song "White Flag Warrior," my friend (and fellow frontman) Stephen and I had quite a conversation. We talked about Leonard Cohen's song "Story of Isaac" and about Kierkegaard's multiple interpretations of Genesis 22, about Malcolm X challenging MLK Jr.

Why Flobots Is Doing a May Day Concert in Arizona (+Free Download)

by Jonny 5 04-30-2010

I am a rapper. I rap in a band called Flobots. Today is day one of our spring tour promoting our new album Survival Story, so I am writing this from a tour bus in a hotel parking lot in Albuquerque.

A Pair of Recommended Reads from Flobots' Jonny 5

by Jonny 5 01-13-2009

When Corporations Rule the World, by David Korten. In 1999, I participated in protests that shut down the WTO meeting in Seattle. In 2008, I read this book and finally understood why!