Civil Disobedience

Bob Holum 03-01-1996

The rule of law in a free society is an expression of the social contract between the governed and government and between the people and each other.

Joe Roos 03-01-1996

THE OLD TESTAMENT prophets claimed, and the New Testament witnesses affirmed, that a society will be judged (by God) most fundamentally by the way it has treated the poorest and most marginalized in its midst.

Ellen Watkins 03-01-1996

Why would I, a peaceful, usually law-abiding grandmother of four (not even a parking ticket) break the habit of a lifetime and become the "little old lady in tennis shoes"...

Dee Dee Risher 03-01-1996

The political leaders in place at this time are constructing social policy and vision that is fundamentally destructive of human life and well-being, particularly of those most marginalized by our governmental system.

Art Laffin 03-01-1986

Guilty of conspiracy. Guilty of damaging government property. Guilty of trespass.

Elizabeth McAlister 05-01-1983

A friend, actually the first of many, once asked me a question: "Why do we choose civil disobedience over the more acceptable forms of protest?" The question seemed incorrect.

Peter Ediger 05-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

Jim Douglass 05-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

Ched Myers 05-01-1983

The Bible and civil disobedience.