Civil Disobedience

Rose Marie Berger 3-01-1996
If we could split ourselves
Killian Noe 3-01-1996

Perhaps I can best explain why I knowingly chose to break the law by recalling a conversation I had with my 7-year-old daughter before she left for school on the morning of December 7.

Maia Twedt 3-01-1996

The story of poverty must be told again and again until we all recognize a responsibility to search for solutions and develop a passion to work toward their implementation.

Carol Wilkerson 3-01-1996

The law is our mutually created instrument to protect impartially the common good and individual rights from abuses by individuals, groups, or the state.

Art Laffin 3-01-1986

Guilty of conspiracy. Guilty of damaging government property. Guilty of trespass.

A friend, actually the first of many, once asked me a question: "Why do we choose civil disobedience over the more acceptable forms of protest?" The question seemed incorrect.

Jim Douglass 5-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

Ched Myers 5-01-1983

The Bible and civil disobedience.

Peter Ediger 5-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum