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From the Archives: Fall 1972

by Peter Ediger 08-02-2013
Witness to the Lord

IT CAME TO pass in the summer of ’72 that many young people gathered in Dallas for Explo, a week of training for Christian witness sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. ... And among those present in Dallas were some messengers of peace—some post-Americans calling themselves the People’s Christian Coalition, and a few sons of Menno sent by the Mennonite Central Committee, who had also come to witness for their Lord.

The messengers of peace set up their booths along with many others and distributed their literature. And many people came by. Some looked and smiled; some looked and frowned. Some said “right on” and “we need that” in response to posters saying “blessed are the peacemakers” and “swords into plowshares”; but others said “praise the Lord, God will take care of wars, all we need is to win people to Christ.”

Principles and Powers

by Peter Ediger 05-01-1983

Civil disobedience: a forum

Explo '72

by Peter Ediger 09-01-1972

A strong and visible prophetic witness was presented to the delegates at Explo '72, an 80,000-person evangelical gathering in Dallas, and to the American public which viewed the event.