Anti-War Movement

David Cortright 02-27-2013
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Soldiers pray, preparing to depart Iraq in December 2011. Mario Tama/Getty Images

We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq — an appropriate time to reflect upon the antiwar ferment that gripped the globe at that time.

Virtually the entire world opposed the U.S.-led invasion. Feb. 15, 2003 was the largest single day of antiwar protest in history. An estimated 10 million people demonstrated against the war in hundreds of cities on every continent — more than a million in London and hundreds of thousands in Barcelona, Rome, Sydney, Berlin, and New York.

the Web Editors 03-08-2012

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Jim Wallis 09-01-2007
The war in Iraq should never have been fought, cannot be won, and must now be ended.
Judy Coode 08-01-2007
The activist connected the war machine with the abandonment of U.S. urban centers.
The Editors 06-01-2007
Christians step out against the war.
Celeste Zappala 06-01-2007

I am Celeste Zappala, of the First United Methodist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia, of Military Families Speak Out, and, sadly, of Gold Star Families Speak Out, because I am the mother of a f

Raphael G. Warnock 06-01-2007

Whenever there are billions of dollars and then billions more available to bomb Baghdad, but never enough to rebuild New Orleans, an American city, parts of which still look like a Third World coun

As part of a global movement marking the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq, thousands of demonstrators holding burning torches formed a peace sign at the Heroes' Square in Budapest, Hungary.

There were dozens of people in a bleak group. It's a very specific look, one you will find only outside the Baghdad morgue.

Colin Mathewson 06-01-2007

No one person, and yet seemingly every person in on the planning of this event, was in charge.

Carol Brophy 06-01-2007

It's about the journey. As the cathedral dean, Rev.

Jim Wallis 06-01-2007
This war is morally wrong, and it was from the very start.
Khristine Hopkins 06-01-2007

Though I have stood weekly at a vigil for the last five years, been in several marches, and even participated in civil disobedience, I have never had the opportunity to do direct action in an inten

Ambassadors. I'm a sometimes preacher, these days a Methodist holding forth among an Episcopal congregation in Detroit.

Bob Francis 06-01-2007

I WATCHED FOR MONTHS as many of my coworkers devoted themselves to preparation for the Christian Peace Witness, including weeks of negotiation for the civil disobedience.

Helen LaKelly Hunt 06-01-2007

Rollercoaster feelings all around began with the storming weather that day. While it kept many away, for those gathered in the National Cathedral it seemed to enhance the energy of the evening.

Jenny Duskey 06-01-2007

I was born just before the United States entered World War II, and I've been participating in peace walks and vigils since the war in Vietnam. This was one of the best organized and deeply felt.

Jim King 06-01-2007

Walking beside me was our 15-year-old son, David, and Odess Monsanje, from Zambia, who is living with us for a year.

As we stepped out of the cathedral, wind blew snow from the rooftops, past the lit windows of the Cotswold-like cottage beside the cathedral.

Larisa Friesen 06-01-2007

From my seat in the balcony in the National Cathedral, I realized that the crowd I saw numbered nearly the same as the number of American soldiers who had fallen in the last four years.