An interview with "Rev. Riverkeeper" Dottie Yunger

The Editors 10-08-2013

Dottie Yunger puts her faith into action as the Anacostia Riverkeeper.

Dottie Yunger 09-30-2013

One minister's effort to keep the Anacostia River "baptizable."

Brandon Hook / Sojourners

The river tour gave a few of us the opportunity to get some waders on and clean the river. Brandon Hook / Sojourners

On Saturday, Sojourners sent a group of staff members sailing down the Anacostia River.

But this was no pleasure trip.

Dottie Yunger, from theĀ Anacostia Watershed Society, teamed up with Sojournersā€™ Creation Care campaign to teach some of our staff and a few other members of the local community about the state of the Anacostia river, how we as people of faith can be better stewards of our God-given resources, and how we can help create a healthier system where all creatures (both human and non-human) can survive and flourish.

Here are a few reflections from the trip.