Kimberly Burge 8-01-2007
A journalist's portrait of a pandemic.
Jim Wallis 8-01-2007

An eyewitness to massacre and genocide finds shame, hope, and possibility for a moral world.

Bob Smietana 4-01-2007

Megachurch leaders Kay Waren and Lynne Hybels confront the challenges of HIV/AIDS, personally and globally.

Three hundred Christian and Muslim religious leaders from 20 Arab countries met in Cairo to launch the region's first faith-based network focused on HIV/AIDS.

Dale Hanson Bourke 2-01-2007

The problem with a disease defined by an extraordinary number of dead, infected, and orphaned is that it is all too easy to lose sight of the individual.

Bill Williams 1-01-2007

Each day, 6,600 Africans die of AIDS.

Dale Hanson Bourke 12-01-2006
(and why you should be too.)
Robert Roth 9-01-2006
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for October.
Adam Taylor 7-01-2006
Ten years after the formal dismantling of apartheid, economic injustice, HIV/AIDS, and poverty stand in the way of real reconciliation - and present daunting challenges for the South African church.
Susan Oatis 4-01-2006

The trade-off outlined in David Batstone’s “The HIV Trade-Off” (February 2006) doesn’t have to be made.

Robert Roth 3-01-2006

Covenants order our lives, our faith communities, and, in the best of times, our nations. The promises and agreements God makes to us, and that we make to one another, are sometimes made binding by oaths or rituals. Sometimes God simply sends someone down from the mountain with a covenant fully formed and sealed.

Molly Marsh 3-01-2006

Communities at Risk

“AIDS is born in the house of poverty,” an Indian health worker says on Making Ends Meet: AIDS and Poverty, a new resource from the Mennonite Central Committee. The 18-minute DVD looks at communities in India and South Africa and how AIDS is impacting the economies of each. The DVD includes additional interviews, a 25-minute story on church workers in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and other features. Excellent for Sunday school or study groups.

David Batstone 2-01-2006
Is 'cost-effective' the right criterion for judging AIDS drugs?
Molly Marsh 2-01-2006
Today's scrapbooks don't look a thing like our grandmother's albums.
Dale Hanson Bourke 12-01-2005

Overcoming the mythology of AIDS.

Bling For a Better World
Dale Hanson Bourke 10-01-2004
Is it time for a Christian crusade against AIDS?
With 35,

With 35,000 churches and monasteries and 500,000 clergy in Ethiopia, the Orthodox Church is poised to send messages into the most remote parts of that country to prevent HIV and to fund ministries to treat the infected. The International Orthodox Christian Charities, the humanitarian aid agency of Orthodox

A Jesuit priest in southern India, along with local Jesuit school students, has launched an AIDS-awareness campaign conducted mostly by children orphaned by the disease.

Adam Taylor 5-01-2003
Will the AIDS initiative make a difference?