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Sojourners Magazine: October 1982

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Cover Story

A theology for global sanctification.


A note on the refusal to be enemy.
The holiness of human sexuality.
Rios Montt's rule of destruction.
Portrait of a Dutch journalist slain in El Salvador.


Every summer there seems to be one song that dominates the atmosphere in our mostly black, low-income neighborhood. 
One of the first theological and pastoral issues to face the early church was that of race.
At our most recent Sojourners staff meeting, we were reviewing the content of this month's issue: "...and there will be an editorial on the justification of aid to El Salvador." 
I received a phone call from my younger brother Bill the night of August 5.


In the middle of what I had assumed to be a Vacation Bible School lesson, this tough little black boy says: "I eats dimes. I et 4 1/2 dimes so far."