November 2007

Cover Story

Rev. Billy and his "Church of Stop Shopping" preach the gospel of love, anti-consumerism, and radical neighborliness.
Our 'framing' stories aren't serving us well. But there is an alternative: the good news of Jesus.


Incarcerated women use theater to share their stories - and shape their lives.
Finding God in theater.
Like the actors in this off-Broadway play, we're all participants in the story of Jesus.


From parables to street theater, imagined worlds open our eyes.


World Vision shines a spotlight on the moral imperative for change.
As the election season progresses and the inevitable wreckage shows up on the side of the road—Gilmore who?

Culture Watch

When Michael Moore’s documentary about the U.S. health care system, Sicko, opened in theaters last June, I wasn’t feeling too well myself.
Gripping books for young people provide handles for engaging the world - even the world of violence and war.
A list of life-shaping books for children.


In Ceremonies of the Seasons, Jennifer Cole writes, “All calendars are founded upon a wish to organize our experience of time into manageable units—especially the year, with i