November 1988

Cover Story

Issues, Values, and the Rainbow Campaign in Election '88.


A Firsthand Account from El Salvador.


Exactly eight years ago, Sojourners printed a special issue titled, "What Does It Mean to be Pro-Life?"  Recent actions by the churches and the Operation Rescue campaign must encourage us to, once again, seriously and prayerfully consider this question.
The so-called economic recovery has been painfully selective. Tax cuts and income gains for those in upper-income brackets have indeed made the rich richer. But for those at the bottom end, the past eight years have been a plague.
Fleeing a tragic civil war, almost one million refugees from El Salvador live silently in our midst. Many have mental problems rising from their experiences at home: repression, terrorism, and outright combat. What follows is an account of one refugee's story, changed only in minor details to protect her identity. A similar story could be told by almost any one of the million refugees. --B.B.Z.
Fast-food Frankness, Blest Be the Tie That Blinds, and Holy Mackerel!
In international affairs, no less than interpersonal ones, you're known by the company you keep. Therefore, it is revealing to note that in the Arab world almost all of America's closest friends are hereditary monarchs of a distinctly medieval cast.
The importance of "The House of Peace."  


A 13-year-old girl who witnessed the murder of her parents wrote this poem.