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Sojourners Magazine: November 1974

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It’s good to be part of an exploration of nonviolence in a magazine whose roots are sunk in evangelical Protestantism.


What can we do? What steps can we take, using the method of nonviolent direct action?
Throughout history many Christians have believed that the use of violence contradicts the heart of the Christian Gospel and so have rejected any use of violence or participation in war.
Part IV: The "Christian Radicalism" of Oberlin College


The community, which has gone through many growing pains, is in a period of building and growing in the confidence that God has a future for us together. 
If Watergate has pointed out the need for repentance among our national leaders, it also has exposed the stark inequality in our nation’s administration of justice.


What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

Culture Watch

A list of books and journals about nonviolence.
The following list of books can be found in the public libraries of most large cities.