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Nonviolent and Nonsexist Books for Children

The following list of books can be found in the public libraries of most large cities. The following symbols were used: P = picture book, I = intermediate age level (8 to 12 years old).

Allfry, Katherine. Golden Island. Doubleday, 1966. Nonsexist (I). Adventure of a girl and a dolphin. Very much a story about dealing with reality and growing up.

Arneson, D.J. Secret Places. Photos by Peter Arnold. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971. Nonviolence (P). Little boy shares his joy and love of nature and woods, through colorful pictures, and his hope it will not be ruined by industry.

Basllevsky, Masey. Branislav the Dragon. D. Mackay Co., 1967. Nonviolence (P). Nonviolent dragon and his adventures.

Bonsall, Crosby. It’s Mine—a Greedy Book. New York: Harper and Row, 1964. Nonviolence (P). Learning how to share, working out own problems.

DeRegniers, Beatrice. Catch a Little Fox. Illustrated by Brinton Turkle. Seabury Press, 1968. Nonviolence (P). Story in song about children out to catch animals. The illustrations are particularly good.

Evans, Katherine. A Bundle of Sticks. Chicago: Albert Whitman and Co., 1962. Nonviolence (P). Fable of how a weaver teaches his sons that we are strongest when we all work together.

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