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Sojourners Magazine: May 1974

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Our text draws an important connection between the fullness of the Spirit and the impulse to minister to the poor and unfortunate. This is the Acts connection.
Blessed are those who buy and sell. For theirs shall be the brand of their choice.
The Anabaptists were right when they said that we cannot be Christians by ourselves.


Two commonly misunderstood motifs in Romans 13 and the other passages of direct teaching on the state are "submission" and "honor."
For most people work is an inescapable fact of life.
A Report on the Calvin Conference on Christianity and Politics
This is the concluding section to a larger paper titled “New Models for a New Humanity.”


The salvation that Christ brings can be understood as the gift of life that frees men and women from all forms of bondage and restores them to their lost personhood.
Although the vestige of fuel shortage remains, the most critical period is over.


Hold it! Don’t throw away that styrofoam coffee cup.

Culture Watch

Sharp, Gene. The Politics of Nonviolent Action (Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973). 902 pages.