March 2004

Cover Story

No politician seriously believes that Americans are willing to deal with global warming. Is it too late to prove them wrong?


Seven biblical principles for the care of creation
The Bible calls us to dominion over creation. Or does it?
How ministry with migrant workers led the author and his family back to the land.
Many evangelicals find themselves in an emerging theological habitat, where care of creation is central to mission.


Our new field organizer for Call to Renewal was working the room at a conference of leaders of local councils of churches and interfaith organizations from around the country.
This being our special issue on the environment, I must preface my remarks about wanting to strangle the squirrel in my bedroom wall...

Culture Watch

The best reading on Christianity and the environment.
Mark Lombardi tried to visualize the spirit of his age.


Care of the environment has long been an issue of great importance to our readers.
Reflections on the Common Lectionary, Cycle C