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Care of the environment has long been an issue of great importance to our readers. Now-under an administration with one of the worst environmental records ever, in a time of intensifying policy debate despite ever-more-clear scientific consensus on the damage being done by human behavior, and with a presidential election just months away-these issues are more crucial than ever. We approach this concern in the same way that we approach all the news of our time: by looking to scripture and Christian tradition and exploring where they lead us today.

In case you fear that "environment" will mean nothing but technical articles on global warming and pollution or sentimental exhortations to "love the Earth," be assured that you'll be going places in this issue. Our writers will take you from fishing boats in the North Atlantic to the Peruvian rain forest, from a rural retreat in Washington state to a Maryland bog, from the Garden of Eden to the highways and byways. And you'll find practical discussion of a faithful relationship with God's creation that ranges from our individual spiritual lives and habits to our collective shaping of policy.

If you notice a favorite department or column missing, don't fear: It'll be back next month. In this special issue, we gave some of our sections a sabbath to free up more space for our in-depth look at what theology has to offer the movement to serve and preserve God's good Earth.

-The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine March 2004
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