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Proclaimers of God’s Divine Economy

Justice is built into the order of creation. We’re simply living into that reality.
The illustration is a side profile of Felipe Luciano, with a quote that says "A one point in every revolutionary's life, you have to know when to take the sword and pound it into plowshares"
Felipe Luciano, an Afro-Puerto Rican activist, poet, and journalist, co-founded New York's Young Lords Party and led their 11-day occupation of East Harlem's First Spanish United Methodist Church in December 1969. / Illustration by Adolfo Valle 

SOJOURNERS HAD A wonderful in-person retreat this spring in Washington, D.C. Our gathering of editorial colleagues from California, Washington, Georgia, New Jersey, and D.C. sparked creativity, deepened commitment and community, and increased our love and respect for one another and our readers. Unfortunately, we also shared COVID — so we delayed the printing of this issue by a week to allow for rest and healing. (Hopefully, you didn’t notice.)

Imagine our delight when we received a pitch from Tim Brinkhof to interview theologian Katya Tolstaya, a relative of Leo Tolstoy, on her quest to rescue the complex beauty of Orthodox Christianity in Russia from appropriation by Vladimir Putin and his ideologues. Empire always attempts to enslave religion to its own purposes; this is how the devil works (see Luke 4) and why the gospels recenter us in God’s “divine economy.” As Baylor University theology professor Jonathan Tran says in this issue, as Christians we are not resisters to empire and racialized capitalism. “Rather, we’re proclaimers,” because there is no contest between God and evil. God wins. Justice is built into the very order of creation. “We’re simply living into that structured reality,” says Tran.

The image shows the cover of the June 2024 issue of Sojourners magazine, which shows a hand holding St. Basil the Blessed church in Russia
This appears in the June 2024 issue of Sojourners
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