Democracy, Voting, and Governance

SojoAction: Democracy, Voting, and Governance

Terrance M. McKinley
Racial Justice Mobilizing Director

The United States has a long and shameful history of suppressing the right to vote. African-American voters, immigrant communities, the elderly, and young people all represent voters who are disproportionately disenfranchised. Sojourners is committed to demolishing barriers, equipping the faith community, and defending the vulnerable through our voter engagement and protection work so that every person is able to fully participate as citizens in this country.

Exercising the right to vote is an act of righteous resistance and liberation — one that affirms the image of God in each voter and prevents a return to the dark days of legalized racial segregation in this country. These times call for broad, effective, faith-inspired civic engagement that defends and heals the heart of our democracy. Through our We Are Watching effort, we are working to hold election officials accountable for free and fair elections and ensure that our nation honors its core values and lives up to its highest ideals.

Democracy, Voting, and Governance

Our Work

On Election Day, we'll be watching at the polls to ensure all have the right to vote. Join Us.
Lawyers and Collars brings together faith leaders, working in partnership with attorneys, and civic engagement organizations to involve communities of faith in voting rights education and protection. The initiative is dedicated to protecting our most vulnerable citizens and protecting the right to vote for all.
Democracy, Voting, and Governance
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