Another Ampersand (+&) | Sojourners

Another Ampersand (+&)

A poem.
The image shows the ampersand symbol made out of a collage of magazine strips.
Illustration by Bri Robinson

          What I further love about the humble ampersand
that former   twenty seventh letter of the alphabet
is its grace   & how   despite
its relative anonymity   it communicates
not needing its name spoken   per se   or even known
          like the Corinthian vase painter
identified only by the ampersand tail-flourish of his sphinx
          & like the unnamed angel    directing Philip
down the road to Gaza   & Philip   himself
an obscure clay vase   brimming with good news
& even the receptive Ethiopian   whatever his name was
          & how the ampersand directs our attention
elsewhere   but unlike the snowplow driver
whose hidden impulse to leave his mark
bent a shopping cart   into a pretzelesque signature
stuck in the snow
          for the ampersand is content
to connect all that’s gone before   with what is yet to come

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The image shows the cover of the June 2024 issue of Sojourners magazine, which shows a hand holding St. Basil the Blessed church in Russia
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