D.S. Martin
D.S. Martin  

D.S. Martin, author of Angelicus, is poet-in-residence at McMaster Divinity College and lives in Brampton, Ontario.

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Another Ampersand (+&)

by D.S. Martin 05-09-2024
A poem.
The image shows the ampersand symbol made out of a collage of magazine strips.

Illustration by Bri Robinson

A poem.


by D.S. Martin 10-19-2021
A poem.
Illustration of the silhouette of a bird in the night sky with its wing surrounding the moon

Illustration by Colleen Tighe

Each word I choose
carries a different rucksack load        for each of you
like I’m the fox        slinking along rail lines
        thinking by instinct & appetite        & you’re
        the commuter passing through
like I’m the moon whose same beams call
        to a weeping child        to a prowling owl
        to shivering rodents in the grass

Poetry: & (ampersand)

by D.S. Martin 03-23-2016
My Images - Micha / Shutterstock

My Images - Micha / Shutterstock


The Sacred Fish

by D.S. Martin 06-01-2012
A poem

You can’t desire to catch the sacred fish
as much as he desires to be caught
& yet
he darts through the dim depths
with tail swerve & swish
laughs with the joy of glistening fins
at huge holes in your net
through which he swims

To get the shining coin from his mouth
is worth selling all you have
To get him         even better
Everything you know about him
wavers in uneven light