June 1981

Cover Story

Downward mobility as Christian vocation


Nurturing natural families in Christian community
An interview with Daniel Berrigan
Unified church opposition to U.S. El Salvador policy
A personal account of guilt and grace


Last Sunday as we were settling in before community worship was to begin, the person next to me turned and said, quite seriously, "Judi, I have a small bruise on my arm." 
When the space shuttle Columbia made its near-perfect landing in the Mojave Desert in April, most Americans felt a sense of triumph not completely associated with the accomplishments of the venture.
Machismo is back in style. It never really left us, of course. But it has made a furious comeback like a dauntless cowboy out of an old western.


I use old cloth on the knees, stitch boldly. The dress I hem more carefully camouflaging the thread, an animal in grass.