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Piracy On The High Seas

by Phil M. Shenk 08-01-1981

Later this month, people from more than 150 countries will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, to put the finishing touches on an international treaty on the oceans.

Testifying For Lefever

by Phil M. Shenk 07-01-1981

NAE official supports human rights nominee

An Ecumenical Outpouring

by Phil M. Shenk 06-01-1981

Unified church opposition to U.S. El Salvador policy

Of Mice And Men, Women, And Children

by Phil M. Shenk 03-01-1981

It was front-page news recently: "Scientists Clone Three Mice." After years of authoritative pooh-poohing, science fiction had been made fact.

They Won't Cross The Line

by Phil M. Shenk 01-01-1981

Israel's selective conscientious objectors

A Sculptor Of Justice And Peace

by Phil M. Shenk 12-01-1980

The recipient of the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize

Give Me Your Poor?

by Phil M. Shenk 08-01-1980

'Love of money is the root of all evil." I heard these words paraphrased about six years ago while riding in the lurching jump seat of a truck-bus in rural Central America.

The Power and Penalty of Moral Dissent

by Phil M. Shenk 07-01-1980

A look at non-cooperation and draft registration.

Washington for Jesus

by Phil M. Shenk 06-01-1980

Understanding the message of the rally.