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Sojourners Magazine: July 1989

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Dawn is still an hour away.


The Intercessions of the Suffering Servant: Isaiah 52:13-15 and 53:1-12
The Changing Face of the Church in Politics


Oliver North is not a hero. In fact, Oliver North is a coward. He broke the law, then tried to cover up his misdeeds, and finally blamed his transgressions on his superiors. 
Daniel Sanchez, a Spanish priest now serving in El Salvador, in many ways embodies the spirit of the Salvadoran people. 
How do you get rid of a dictator? That is the question on George Bush's mind these days. 
When Mr. Bush came back to Washington, the crisis in the savings and loan industry finally emerged on the public agenda.

Culture Watch

For this future cultural analyst, the legendary '60s were an after-school special. 


At Aukermans' farm I press my/right shoulder deep into boulder