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Sojourners Magazine: July 1989

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Dawn is still an hour away.


The Changing Face of the Church in Politics
The Intercessions of the Suffering Servant: Isaiah 52:13-15 and 53:1-12


When Mr. Bush came back to Washington, the crisis in the savings and loan industry finally emerged on the public agenda.
Oliver North is not a hero. In fact, Oliver North is a coward. He broke the law, then tried to cover up his misdeeds, and finally blamed his transgressions on his superiors. 
Daniel Sanchez, a Spanish priest now serving in El Salvador, in many ways embodies the spirit of the Salvadoran people. 
How do you get rid of a dictator? That is the question on George Bush's mind these days. 

Culture Watch

For this future cultural analyst, the legendary '60s were an after-school special. 


At Aukermans' farm I press my/right shoulder deep into boulder