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Sojourners Magazine: July 1987

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An Interview with Joan Chittister


I will never forget the conversation a dozen years ago in the plush office of my Methodist conference's district superintendent.
As congressional hearings began in Washington to determine the "facts" in the Iran-contra scandal, the family of Ben Linder attended his funeral in Nicaragua.
This year the U.S. Constitution turns 200. For many Americans the milestone is 1987's excuse for jingoistic hoopla and celebration.
Ben Linder is dead. The 27-year-old engineer from Portland, Oregon, built dams in rural Nicaragua and liked to dress up like a clown for the kids.

Culture Watch

1984 is three years past, and the Brave New World is just 20 minutes into the future. That's where the computer-run and video-tranced world of ABC-TV's "Max Headroom" is located.