New & Noteworthy: Black Madonna, Stonewall, and More | Sojourners

New & Noteworthy: Black Madonna, Stonewall, and More

Three culture recommendations from our editors.
The left photo is of Christina Cleveland posing in a green dress with her hands folded. In the right photo, Black civil rights activists are gathered in a bar, a scene from the film 'One Night in Miami.'

A Change is Gonna Come

Regina King’s film One Night in Miami is a reflective depiction of Black excellence and the crossroads faced by a generation’s luminaries. Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke consider their callings in this intimate imagining of a night that actually happened. Amazon Studios.

A Way Forward

From Seneca Falls to Stonewall to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons maps the traditions of progressive Christian activism in the U.S. A healing balm and a mobilizing guide, Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity invites readers to the co-creation of a just world. Broadleaf Books.

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