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Sojourners Magazine: January 1987

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Jesus' Challenge to Power in Mark


Habitat for Humanity's Housing for People in Need is not simply charity, it helps raise money for the construction of low-income housing. 
A child's spiritual life can be expressed through the symbol of our Christian faith, the cross.
The Story of a Lawyer Converted to a Higher Law


Just two days after the South African government dropped subversion charges against him, anti-apartheid church leader Rev. Allan Boesak was speaking as defiantly as ever.


My concordance of the Bible lists almost 300 biblical references to "truth" and more than 600 to "love."
The last months of 1986 saw a steady stream of seemingly positive headlines related to South Africa. The U.S. Congress passed a sanctions bill and overrode the president's veto.
My sister Barb, her husband, Jim, and their two boys, Michael and Nathan, joined Sojourners 11 years ago, just as we were moving from Chicago to Washington, D.C.
Like salt in a wound, news of the shipment of official U.S. aid to the Nicaraguan contras has been painful for many of us.
The sun was about to slip behind a grove of Ponderosa pines, the sweet-smelling bark of which tinged the air with a scent like butterscotch.
Encounter with the Suffering Christ


Nineteen-year-old Rodrigo Rojas de Negri was beaten and burned to death by Chilean security police for participating in an anti-government demonstration in July 1986. Veronica Rojas de Negri is his mother.