Living the word

Michaela Bruzzese 7-01-2003

"That's when I want you—you knower of my emptiness, you unspeaking partner to my sorrow. That's when I need you, God, like food," wrote Rainer Maria Rilke in his Book of Hours.

Michaela Bruzzese 5-01-2003

Despite Jesus' greeting to the disciples, the weeks following his resurrection are anything but peaceful for the struggling community.

Lauren F. Winner 3-01-2003

I've grown a little cynical about Lenten devotion.

Lauren F. Winner 1-01-2003

Epiphany: It's one of the most "religious" words there is.

Kari Jo Verhulst 11-01-2002
Bible Study
Kari Jo Verhulst 5-01-2002

These weeks from Easter to Pentecost memorialize the calling forth and sending out of Jesus' witnesses.

Kari Jo Verhulst 3-01-2002

Years ago when my mother was quite ill, a friend copied a poem and surreptitiously slipped it into my Bible.

Kari Jo Verhulst 1-01-2002

The journey from Epiphany to Lent brings us from the brightness of our dawning to the bleakness of our sinfulness.

Michaela Bruzzese 11-01-2001

"How do you want to spend your life? We all know you can ruin it.

Michaela Bruzzese 9-01-2001
We are reminded that the commitment to the gospel is an absolute one. Reflections on the revised common lectionary, Cycle C.
Michaela Bruzzese 7-01-2001
We are prone to listen to, but not hear, Jesus' challenging words.
Michaela Bruzzese 5-01-2001

Our churches have attempted to corner the market on grace, to act as society's sole dispensers of salvation.

Michaela Bruzzese 3-01-2001
Only when we know ourselves as broken yet fiercely loved can we share the gift of new life.
Michaela Bruzzese 1-01-2001
We commit to proclaiming and living the good news, even when doing so seems absurd.
Kari Jo Verhulst 9-01-1998

To be agents of the kingdom of God is a full-time occupation. It requires a whole-life commitment; it requires preparation and energy.

Jim Rice 7-01-1998

Faithfulness. For the unnamed "young girl" in the story of Naaman, it meant trusting in God’s healing power. For Amos, it was speaking truth when it would have been safer to keep quiet.

Jim Rice 5-01-1998

Genuine faith is never a private matter, something hidden away in one’s mind and spirit.

Jim Rice 3-01-1998

A few years ago televangelist Robert Schuller proposed that we take another look at the meaning of Lent.