Living the word

Verna J. Dozier 9-01-1994

In September the ordered world of Proverbs and James is read against the cross of Mark’s world.

Verna J. Dozier 8-01-1994

In the language of "left brain, right brain" constructs, the scriptures for the weeks of August call upon our right-brain gifts.

Verna J. Dozier 7-01-1994

We trace the Story—our story—from its beginnings in the Hebrew scriptures, through its climax in the memories of the early church as reflected in the gospels, and then on to what sense

Verna J. Dozier 6-01-1994

The scriptures for our meditations come from first and second Samuel, the Psalms, the gospel according to Mark, and Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians.

The remaining gospels of eastertide play out Jesus’ farewell discourse in the latter chapters of John.

There is no more brilliant literary surprise, I think, in all of scripture than the shocking cliffhanger abruptness of Mark’s resurrection account.

Prior to Constantine, when the church was outlawed and, with some regularity, systematically persecuted, the reception of members was a rigorous and risky proposition.

This season begins and ends in light.