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Sojourners Magazine: February 1989

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Possibilities Under Perestroika


We do it every year. For a decade now, Sojourners Community has gone on retreat together over the Thanksgiving weekend.
In the waning weeks of 1988, a wave of shocks hit the Middle East. The source of the shock wave was not an earthquake or, for once, an aerial bombardment. The earth, in fact, stood still.
South Africa is once again a focus of the world's attention.
After a spirited but futile bid for the presidency, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis now has more time to pursue one of his favorite (though little-known) pastimes.

Culture Watch

As this is written on November 22, 1988, the pop-cultural atmosphere is a-swamp with remembrance of things Kennedy.


She stands in sandals/bending her head to the wind