August 1981

Cover Story

In the name of God, let us abolish nuclear weapons
The story behind the New Abolitionist Covenant


A Filipino bishop's eulogy for his martyred priest
Witnessing at nuclear weapons facilities
The Life of Martin Niemoeller
An interview with Martin Niemoeller
This account was excerpted from several reports filed by Sojourners correspondents Earl and Pat Hostetter-Martin, who work in the Philippines on a service assignment with Mennonite Central Committee


Later this month, people from more than 150 countries will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, to put the finishing touches on an international treaty on the oceans.
Once upon a time, Anthony, with bulging grocery bag full of clothes under one brown arm and faded pink, one-eyed "teddy dog" under the other, came to live with eight Sojourners grownups.
In addition to the anniversary of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings, this August marks another, much happier, anniversary.
Two summers ago, a meeting was called in Washington, D.C., for those interested in organizing a protest of the Air Force Association's annual weapons exposition.


One day a vigil light exploded in our hands and glass ran in our veins like fire traveling up the capillaries in rivers of pain.