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From the Archives: April 1992

by Walter Wink 03-06-2014

The Myth of Redemptive Violence

Christianity's Gift

by Walter Wink 03-01-2002

All Christianity has to give, and all it needs to give, is the myth of the human Jesus.

The Bonhoeffer Assumption

by Walter Wink 01-01-2002

There’s a trap that I’d call the Bonhoeffer assumption. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was studying at Union Seminary in New York.

The Silence of God

by Walter Wink 11-01-2001

Many of us feel a deep desire for revenge and violent retribution. We know how natural that is. We want to strike back at the perpetrators.

A Time to Weep

by Walter Wink, by Fletcher Farrar 07-01-1999
Repentance is lacking on all sides.

A Nonviolence Roadmap

by Walter Wink 06-01-1994
Strategies for confronting the powers.

We Have Met the Enemy

by Walter Wink 11-01-1986

On Not Becoming What We Hate

Gift of Sexuality

We strongly disagree with the treatment of homosexuality in Foster's article "God's Gift of Sexuality."

The Powers Behind The Throne

by Walter Wink 09-01-1984

An election year equation for discerning the spirits.

Unmasking the Powers

by Walter Wink 10-01-1978

Roman and American economics.