Lexi McMenamin is a reporter from Philadelphia who writes about politics, identity, and activist movements. Lexi uses they/them and she/her pronouns. Their reporting has been published by Teen Vogue, VICE News, The New Republic, The Progressive, and elsewhere. They are receiving their MA in Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism at The New School for Social Research. Follow Lexi on Twitter @lexmcmenamin.

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How Close Did We Come to a Coup?

by Lexi McMenamin 11-23-2020

Graphic via the website isthisacoup.com

Even before ballots were cast in the 2020 presidential election, many were suspicious of how the Trump White House would handle a potential transfer of power. As the election wound down with clear margins in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor — and as Donald Trump continued his refusal to concede — more people began to use the word “coup.”

End the Muslim Ban on Day One, Urge More Than 100 Faith Leaders

by Lexi McMenamin 11-19-2020

Protesters in New York City rally against the Muslim ban in February 2017. Photo: a katz / Shutterstock.com

“President Trump and some of his appointees have sowed fear and division among religious communities,” says the letter. “The Biden administration must act quickly to correct these actions and reclaim a positive vision of religious freedom that protects all Americans.”

Pastors Work to Stop Evangelicals’ Spread of ‘Dangerous’ Misinformation

by Gina Ciliberto, by Lexi McMenamin 11-05-2020

Pastors serving as poll chaplains with Lawyers and Collars on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Photo: Erik Paul Howard / Sojourners

After President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory in the presidential election at 3 a.m. on Wednesday, he continued to share unsubstantiated claims about dumped ballots, mysteriously found votes, and an effort to rig ballot counts.

More Than 230 Texas Christian Leaders: Count All the Votes in Harris County

by Lexi McMenamin 11-01-2020

A line of cars drive in for an event encouraging community members to vote in the upcoming presidential election at an early voting site in Houston, Oct. 25, 2020. REUTERS/Callaghan O'Hare/File Photo

On Oct. 31, a coalition of faith groups worked together to launch a sign-on letter calling on faith leaders to condemn the effort to toss more than 100,000 Harris County ballots, saying counting every vote “matters in the eyes of our state, our country, and our God.” The sign-on process is hosted by Vote Common Good, a national organization encouraging Christian voters to vote Trump out.

Pizza, Selfies, Dancing: 10 Ways To Spread Joy at Polling Places

by Lexi McMenamin 10-29-2020

Members of Extinction Rebellion perform in New York City on October 24, 2020. Photo: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Here’s some hopeful news: Voters are turning out in droves across the country in advance of next Tuesday’s election. According to the United States Elections Project, as of Oct. 28, more than 74,000,000 Americans have voted: that’s more than half of the total votes counted in the 2016 election. Cities like Chicago are breaking their early voting records. New York City’s overwhelmed poll centers added additional hours for the weekend before Election Day. Youth voter turnout is up overall, and Texas is leading with the biggest youth vote participation in the country.

Religious Groups Are Targets for Disinformation, But They Can Also Help Stop It

by Lexi McMenamin 10-28-2020

Chris has attended the same local church for five years. When services went remote due to the coronavirus pandemic, Chris and his partner noticed paid staff of the church sharing misinformation about hydroxychloroquine on social media. Chris hoped that the church leadership, including the pastor, would push back.

Voters of Faith Largely Support Action on Climate Change, New Survey Shows

by Lexi McMenamin 10-22-2020

Activists and students holding signs march on the streets of downtown Toronto during a climate change rally on Black Friday,  Nov. 29, 2019. Photo Ramona Diaconescu / Shutterstock.com

Addressing climate change is a faith-based obligation to “protect God’s creation,” say 81 percent of American religious voters surveyed in a poll released this morning from Climate Nexus and Yale and George Mason’s respective programs on climate change communications.