Joyce Hollyday is a co-founder and co-pastor of Circle of Mercy, an ecumenical congregation in Asheville, North Carolina. She is the author of several books, including Clothed with the Sun: Biblical Women, Social Justice, and Us and Then Shall Your Light Rise: Spiritual Formation and Social Witness. She was a founding member of Witness for Peace, a grassroots organization committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. She was formerly the Associate Editor for Sojourners. 

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From Angels and a Bed of Straw

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1983

We don't talk about it much. Sometimes we talk about how we're not talking about it.

'Glory To God ...'

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1983

On Kyle's fifth Christmas, he gained a new and special excitement about the birth of Jesus.

A Shield of Love

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1983

Witness for Peace in Nicaragua.

Tanks Into Tractors

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1983

"I wish that I could find the words to express my thanks."

'Get Used To It'

by Joyce Hollyday 10-01-1983

"After a few generations of it, people get used to poverty."

Gunboats and Butter

by Joyce Hollyday 09-01-1983

His speech was smoother than butter, yet war was in his heart;
His words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.

--Psalm 55:21

Bathed in the Spirit

by Joyce Hollyday 08-01-1983

The story of Peace Pentecost

In Repentance

by Joyce Hollyday 08-01-1983

Thirty-eight years ago this month, two U.S. bombers took off three days apart from the Pacific island of Tinian, at that time the largest airfield in the world.

Misleading the Nation

by Joyce Hollyday 06-01-1983

Only 13 times in 30 years has a U. S. president called a joint session of Congress.

Brown-Bag Blues

by Joyce Hollyday 04-01-1983

Three years ago at our Annual Weekend After Groundhog's Day Sojourners Community Talent Show, one of our households portrayed a modern version of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

A Fragile Experiment: Nicaragua

by Jim Wallis, by Joyce Hollyday 03-01-1983

An eyewitness report

A Plea From The Heart

by Jim Wallis, by Joyce Hollyday 03-01-1983

Late last year we received an invitation to come to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua: Bordering on Reconciliation

by Norman Bent, by Jim Wallis, by Joyce Hollyday 03-01-1983

An interview with Norman Bent

Nicaragua: Dugout Canoes Promote Terror

by Joyce Hollyday, by Jim Wallis 03-01-1983

An interview with U.S. Ambassador Anthony Quainton

Nicaragua: So That We Might Have Tomorrow

by Jim Wallis, by Joyce Hollyday 03-01-1983

An interview with Gustavo Parajon

Banking On Community

by Joyce Hollyday 01-01-1983

Few places make me feel less at home than banks.

Undoing Nicaragua

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1982

Unpredictability is a mark of life in Central America.

New on the Block

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1982

The ride to work is a bit different now.

When Justification Is Named Certification

by Joyce Hollyday 10-01-1982

At our most recent Sojourners staff meeting, we were reviewing the content of this month's issue: "...and there will be an editorial on the justification of aid to El Salvador." 

Hope and New Life

by Joyce Hollyday 09-01-1982

Dawn. We begin our trek to merge ourselves with the thousands of other cars converging on the tunnels and bridges that lead into New York.