Joyce Hollyday is a co-founder and co-pastor of Circle of Mercy, an ecumenical congregation in Asheville, North Carolina. She is the author of several books, including Clothed with the Sun: Biblical Women, Social Justice, and Us and Then Shall Your Light Rise: Spiritual Formation and Social Witness. She was a founding member of Witness for Peace, a grassroots organization committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. She was formerly the Associate Editor for Sojourners. 

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Getting Burned At The Double-R Ranch

by Joyce Hollyday 06-01-1982

The weather could only be described as scorching that day at the Double-R Ranch.

Smile And Say 'Cheese'

by Joyce Hollyday 05-01-1982

It was just past sunrise when the car radio said, "Cheese will be given out to any person who can prove need at twelve locations throughout the city."

The Battle for Central America

by Joyce Hollyday 04-01-1982

Military collaboration and its toll of terror.

Commonplace Courage

by Joyce Hollyday 03-01-1982

Washington was blanketed in snow that day, three inches on the ground and more falling fast as I walked to the magazine office about noon.

Just Where Is The ERA?

by Joyce Hollyday 02-01-1982

In October of 1978, Congress voted to extend the seven-year time limit it had imposed for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) by another three years and three months, to June 30,1982.

One Of Those Rare Treasures

by Joyce Hollyday 02-01-1982

Only one day in the month of a monthly magazine is more frenzied, more demanding than the day before deadline, and that is the day that follows. Neither is a day to be gone from the office.

The Grandest Of Bellicose Errors

by Joyce Hollyday 01-01-1982

At the end of last year, an avalanche of virulence toward Nicaragua and Cuba rumbled out of the Reagan administration, with Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Jr. as chief mouthpiece.

A Child's Invitation

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1981

Meditations for Advent

Vulnerability And Violence

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1981

Following our arrest for a witness against nuclear weapons in September, several other women and I spent the night being shuttled by paddy wagon from police precinct to central cell block to the D.C. jail

Guatemala: Bird of Peace, Burden of Pain

by Joyce Hollyday 10-01-1981

Through Guatemala's tropical lowlands flies a brilliant green and red bird with flowing tail feathers.

A Little History…

by Joyce Hollyday 09-01-1981

How we got from then to now

Smudged Papers And Fudged Facts

by Joyce Hollyday 09-01-1981

When young children do it to their parents, we reprimand them. When teenagers do it, we start to worry about their futures. 

Walking Through Death Valley Days

by Joyce Hollyday 06-01-1981

Machismo is back in style. It never really left us, of course. But it has made a furious comeback like a dauntless cowboy out of an old western.

Off The Record

by Joyce Hollyday 05-01-1981

The wonderful world of Washington has been hurling rocks of assorted varieties through the windows of our minds these days.

El Salvador, 'The Savior'

by Joyce Hollyday 04-01-1981

In the early '60s, many people became involved in demonstrations for disarmament.

Murderous Stability

by Joyce Hollyday 01-01-1981

The news cut into my Thanksgiving Day and left a sharp pang, reminding me of the continuing crisis that is El Salvador.

Leaven Of The People

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1980

The witness of base communities

To Give To Light

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1980

In a Guatemalan parish, four men were seized and hung up on a wall of the church. 

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Poustinia

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1980

"I just don't have space in my life for prayer." How many times I have heard these words.

The Keen, Keen Glass of Home

by Joyce Hollyday 08-01-1980

Summer burst upon the neighborhood like the first firecracker to come spiraling to the sidewalk from the hands of a local mischief.