Joyce Hollyday

Joyce Hollyday is a co-founder and co-pastor of Circle of Mercy, an ecumenical congregation in Asheville, North Carolina. She is the author of several books, including Clothed with the Sun: Biblical Women, Social Justice, and Us and Then Shall Your Light Rise: Spiritual Formation and Social Witness. She was a founding member of Witness for Peace, a grassroots organization committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. She was formerly the Associate Editor for Sojourners. 

Posts By This Author

Paths to Presence and Peace

by Joyce Hollyday 02-01-1993

Time spent walking is time spent praying

The Quiet Places

by Joyce Hollyday 01-01-1993

There are no shortcuts to healing

From Pentagon to the Pew: The Plague of Sexual Abuse

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1992

Urgent change needed in churches around sexual abuse

(Re)bound for glory

by Joyce Hollyday 12-01-1992

Memories of competition and comaraderie

Frontrunners and Backlashers

by Joyce Hollyday 11-01-1992

1992 as the year of the Woman

A Plague in Paradise

by Joyce Hollyday 08-01-1992

Development endangers a way of life on South Carolina's Daufuskie Island

How Do You Spell 'Devastated'?

by Joyce Hollyday 07-01-1992

Pass it on

Trials and Triumphs for Feminism

by Joyce Hollyday 06-01-1992

The beginning of considering gender issues in America...but not the end

Listen Up, Mr. Bush

by Joyce Hollyday 06-01-1992

A desire for real-life honesty in the debates

At Home in Joseph's House

by Joyce Hollyday 05-01-1992

Community and Grace Overcome the Isolation of AIDS