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    Hole-y Bible

    Mercenaries on the Rise

    Private military contractors have reportedly fired indiscriminately on Iraqi civilians hundreds of times throughout the U.S.

    Keeping Christians Cool

    More than 1,500 young evangelicals from across the U.S.

    Black Church Leaders in Holy Land

    A delegation of U.S.

    Touch-Screen Democracy?

    There were no hanging chads to scrutinize on “undervoted” ballots in Florida’s 13th Congressional District during last November’s midterm elections.

    The Oils of War

    CEOs of U.S. defense contractors have pocketed huge amounts of spoils since the beginning of the “war on terror,” and CEOs at top U.S.

    HABEAS CORPUS (1787-2006)

    In October, as President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, 200 members of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture protested in front of the White House against what they cal

    Busting Pedophile Rings

    The American owner of a bar in Cambodia that is frequented by international pedophiles was arrested in a faith-based human rights group’s effort to bring known pedophiles to justice.

    Huggable Warrior of the Cross

    Soft Saints, Inc., purveyor of positive role models for today’s youth in the form of plush dolls, makes it possible to cuddle with a 15th-century purveyor of divine wisdom–the “Ma

    News Bites

    • Law’s Long Arm.

    Justapaz Wins Peace Award

    The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation has awarded Justapaz, a ministry of the Mennonite Church in Colombia, the 2006 award for nonviolence in areas of armed conflict.

    News Bites

    -Holy Water.

    Episcopal Bishops Still at Crossroads

    At the request of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, a group of U.S.

    Hanging up the Phone Tax

    The federal excise tax on long-distance phone calls, which began as part of the Spanish-American War effort in 1898, was repealed in May by the U.S. Treasury Department.

    Come All Ye Who Are Hungry...