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Gold Diggers

Christian Aid's 2007 report "A Rich Seam: Who Benefits from Rising Commodity Prices?" indicates that mining companies that extract raw commodities—such as oil, nickel, or copper—turn th

'Its Better to Light a Candle'

As part of a global movement marking the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq, thousands of demonstrators holding burning torches formed a peace sign at the Heroes' Square in Budapest, Hungary.

'This Land is Home to Me.'

Jesuit priest Joseph R.

Working for a Living

In January, the new Democratic House passed a clean minimum wage bill, but in early February the Senate tagged on $8.3 billion in tax cuts for businesses, effectively delaying final action until a

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  • Resucitó.
  • Real Product: Sweet Salvation

    Struggling to explain God's ways to your Sunday school class? Nothing says "atonement" like sugar tinted with Red Dye No. 3.

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  • Catholic Vote?
  • Poverty Goes Suburban

    Since the industrial revolution, cities often have been seen as the domain of low-income residents, while their surrounding suburbs have been home to middle- and upper-income people.

    Beauty, Bracelets and Brainpower

    BeadforLife has helped roll hundreds of Ugandan families out of poverty by training HIV-positive women and refugees in the art of bead rolling.

    Restorative Justice

    Toronto-based Anglicans met in November to discuss restorative justice models in the criminal justice system, especially in light of the new Canadian administration's promise to be "tough on crime.

    Housing a Firm Foundation

    The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee celebrated victory after a two-year organizing campaign resulted in the local council passing an ordinance to create a Housing Trust Fund (HTF) for su

    Woof! Alleluia! Woof!

    Let all creation praise! Worried that your pooch won't come with you at the rapture? Anxious that the piety crowd might think your four-legged life partner is short on salvation?

    Alleged CPT Captors Held for Trial

    Three Christian Peacemaker Teams members who were held captive for 118 days in Iraq met in Britain last December—after police asked them to testify in the trial of their alleged captors&mdash

    Follow the Weapon Trade

    The U.S. provided nearly half of the conventional weapons sold to developing nations in 2005

    Old Nukes, New Uses

    Cliff Kindy, a Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) member, stands outside Alliant Techsystems/Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in Rocket City, West Virginia, where radioactive depleted uranium is added to

    Thwack! for Jesus

    There's no better way to prevent boredom than playing paddleball, and there's no better paddleball to remind you of your status with the Lord than the Inspirational Paddleball Game.

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  • Legal Aid. Dionisio Díaz García, a Christian labor lawyer for the Association for a More Just Society in Honduras, was assassinated in December on his way to court.
  • Sowing Peace and Justice

    The management of the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina—where 25,000 to 32,000 hogs are slaughtered each day—and the lawyers of a local Catholic parish

    Christians and Muslims Fight AIDS

    Three hundred Christian and Muslim religious leaders from 20 Arab countries met in Cairo to launch the region's first faith-based network focused on HIV/AIDS.

    Mercenaries on the Rise

    Private military contractors have reportedly fired indiscriminately on Iraqi civilians hundreds of times throughout the U.S.