Joe Roos, a founder of Sojourners, is a Mennonite pastor and trustee of Friends of Sabeel North America, a Christian organization seeking support for Palestinian freedom in U.S. churches.

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Talking with the Tax Man

by Joe Roos 03-01-1985

This was not the first time I had talked with IRS agents about our tax resistance.

Some Saturday Morning Visitors

by Joe Roos 02-01-1985

For some time we've suspected Sojourners has been under surveillance.

Pride and Scorn

by Joe Roos 01-01-1984

The main office of Riggs National Bank is located just one short block from the White House.

'There Is No Useless Suffering'

by Joe Roos 03-01-1983

Although the sun had been up for more than an hour, the early morning April air remained chilly. 

Getting Little At Advent

by Joe Roos 12-01-1982

Last year Advent was a very special time for me. A child taught me, in a way only a child can, something precious, something true about the birth we all await.

Swords Into Plowshares

by Joe Roos 11-01-1982

The Peace and Justice Revival

A Matter Of Justice

by Joe Roos 07-01-1982

Attempts to legally deny the civil and political rights of homosexuals in this country have been introduced sporadically in recent years.

Eating The Bread Of Anxious Toil

by Joe Roos 06-01-1982

It was after midnight at the end of another long, busy day, and I had an early breakfast meeting the next morning.


Holding Out for Peace

by Joe Roos 03-01-1982

As the surge of nuclear resistance has cut broader and deeper channels into the mainstream of the U.S. church, new and encouraging voices of Christian protest are being raised.

Cancun: A Rift Of Control

by Joe Roos 12-01-1981

It was fitting that the first global dialogue between leaders of rich and poor countries would be set in Cancun, Mexico.

The Arms Race Goes Into Orbit

by Joe Roos 06-01-1981

When the space shuttle Columbia made its near-perfect landing in the Mojave Desert in April, most Americans felt a sense of triumph not completely associated with the accomplishments of the venture.

Publisher's Memo

by Joe Roos 12-01-1980

Sojourners' masthead has recently displayed two changes involving names that have been familiar to our readers for a longtime.

Crucible of Community

A dialogue on Sojourners' shaping.

Three Case Studies: The Philippines, Soviet Union, and Iran

by Joe Roos 07-01-1976

The economics of torture, drugging dissenters, and prisons of the Shah

The Arrogance of Power

by Joe Roos 02-01-1975

As American power has grown, so, too, has the arrogance of power. Contained within this attitude of arrogance are irrationality, insecurity, and abusiveness of power.

World Food Conference

by Joe Roos 01-01-1975

The threat of global hunger looms more ominously than at any time in human history.

Human Rights in Chile

by Joe Roos 10-01-1974

When the military junta in Chile seized power 13 months ago, its most outstanding characteristic was the complete repression of human rights. 

The Fuel Shortage: A Crisis of Power

by Joe Roos 05-01-1974

Although the vestige of fuel shortage remains, the most critical period is over.

U.S. Admission: A.I.D. Trains Third World Police

by Joe Roos 01-01-1974

Costa-Gavras’ latest film, “State of Siege,” leveled the serious charge that the United States operated a secret police bomb school.

Papua New Guinea: A Vulnerable New Nation

by Joe Roos 01-01-1974

Like a lion stalking its prey, Japan and the United States are taking initial steps in the economic exploitation of a newly independent underdeveloped country.