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The Nature of Faith

by Bob Hulteen 03-01-1997

Working on the new Sojourners environmental resource, Holy Ground, I have examined a large body of works on environmental theology.

As long as you think you're white, there's no hope for you.

by Bob Hulteen 03-01-1997

The Haymarket Square rebellion of 1886 was a watershed moment in the history of U.S. radicalism.

Reading for the Faithful

by Bob Hulteen 01-01-1997

New calendars adorn office desks and kitchen walls. Daily organizers with pages still fresh, crisp, and clean fill breast pockets, backpacks, and briefcases.

Nouwen's Symphony of Movements

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1996

Worthy Of Note

In the Image of God

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1996
Anyone who participates in or facilitates small group discussions will benefit from viewing "Genesis: A Living Conversation."

For generations which begat generations, the Bible has been translated into the languages of the people. Soon to follow were commentaries to aid in interpretation. Since the "language" of our day—the medium of communication—is visual, the popularity of biblical resources on video cassettes is not surprising.

What may surprise us is the quality. Excellent at setting the context and naming the basic principles of scripture, the following two video series should be viewed by clergy and lay alike.

Bill Moyers and Public Affairs Television are offering a gem, a pearl of great price if you will, this fall. Genesis: A Living Conversation is a tremendous social contribution to biblical studies, both in substance and in style.

Each one-hour segment of the 10-part series opens with a relevant introduction by Moyers and a retelling of the Genesis story discussed in the section—Cain killing Abel, Sarah mistreating Hagar, Jacob stealing from Esau, Adam blaming Eve—by expert storytellers (and actors) Mandy Patinkin and Alfre Woodard. The discussions—with Sojourners' contributing editors Roberta Hestenes, Eugene Rivers, and Walter Brueggemann featured prominently—are driven by their diversity. Difference of opinion, and even civil conflict, are viewed as a positive, and so open the possibility for creativity to emerge. In several instances the participation of people of different faith traditions brings new clarity for all involved. For instance, the Muslim view of Potiphar's wife in the Joseph narrative allows the discussion to take a step further for all those of Christian or Jewish background.

Folk Music Stories

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1996

Huey Long taught us that "all politics is personal."

Knowing the Score

by Bob Hulteen 03-01-1996

For many in the Christian tradition, it's a common Lenten discipline to think about confession and complicity.

Lights in the Fog

by Bob Hulteen 01-01-1996
Theodore Ward's Hope for a Better Racial Future

A Simba Solution?

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1995
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Owning Rights and Righting Wrongs

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1995

In the 1960s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation prepared a comic book about the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Inspired by Legend

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1995
History you won't find in Pocahontas.

50 Years of Moral Fission

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1995

Chants of a Lifetime

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1995

The popular music world was abuzz in 1994 when a recording of music 15 centuries old (and recorded over the last two decades) ended up a big seller for the year.

The Evangelical Heart and Mind

by Bob Hulteen 03-01-1995

Liberation theology, in its Catholic variant, encouraged communities of faith to find themselves in the scripture-to identify with the people of God in a different time and place...

Incarnating Joy at Christmas

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1994

Amidst the joy of celebrating the coming of the Child at Christmas, many of us are caught up in the bustle of holiday travels, shopping sprees, and plans to serve those less fortunate.

Marion Barry's Politics of Redemption

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1994

In 1967, two veteran Washington, D.C. police officers confronted a slender African-American man crossing a street...

A 20th Anniversary and a 20s Comic

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1994

The Land of Promise

Onward Quistian Soldiers

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1994

MINNEAPOLIS-An early hint of the Christian Right's resurgence in electoral politics came in the Minnesota spring caucuses.

The Sweet Sound of Money

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1994

1994 thus far has been a momentous summer.

For a World That Should Listen

by Bob Hulteen 08-01-1994
"Marvin the Album" by Frente! 

"Marvin the Album" by Frente!